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Alexis Douglas
Spiritual Counselor, Oracle, Ritual Crafter 

Release, Manifest, Heal, Repeat.


Meet Alexis

In the autumn of 2016, while sitting in my living room, a life-changing encounter with spirit occurred that forever transformed my path. I received a message that I was an oracle, marking the beginning of a magical journey. In the following months, I continued to receive guidance from spirit, urging me to study tarot and astrology while encouraging me to help restore love and healing to those who have suffered under oppression. I have since dedicated myself to this mission, working within my community and as a spiritual counselor, utilizing astrology and ritual to guide clients towards liberation from trauma and towards manifesting their dream lives.


"Authentic spiritual connection cannot exist in a vacuum that is blind to the socioeconomic and political experiences of our fellow human beings."

Abiola Abrams

What Clients Say

Working with Alexis has increased my self-awareness in more ways that I could have ever imagined.  Through my work with her, I have been able challenge narratives that are not innately mine, but those of my ancestors that I have inherited. At the same time, I’ve been able to forge a relationship with them and in turn cultivate an understanding of who they are, their strengths and all that they did to help me be who I am and live the life that I am living.  Through this acknowledgment and reverence I am able to feel their presence and tap into their power as my own. I have found that this work has drastically improved my relationships with my mother and the elders in my family.  


Before working with Alexis, I was caught in mindsets and reaction patterns that stemmed from ancestral trauma.  Combined with my own experiences, these ways were not effective and sabotaged my goals.  As I have recognized and continue to work with this inheritance, not only have I achieved goals in my career and personal life that I didn’t think I could, my spiritual life has deepened.  


There is so much that I have gained from working with Alexis.  I highly recommend her to anyone who is ready for some serious work and growth.  It won’t all be easy and it isn’t as hard as it may seem either.  This woman knows what she is doing and will help you find the guidance you need within yourself and will point you in the right direction.  You’ll need to trust the process and keep going.  If you are ready for change, work with Alexis.

Chanchal G

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