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My Philosophy

At the core of my spiritual counseling practice is the belief that we are all powerful co-creators of our reality. Our thoughts, feelings, and intentions shape our experiences, and we have the ability to heal ourselves and manifest the lives we desire. My role is to guide and support individuals who have experienced trauma in accessing their inner power and unlocking their true potential. I do this through a combination of astrology, ritual, meditation, and the development of new thought patterns and habits. I respect and honor each person's unique spiritual beliefs and aim to add to and help them deepen their practices rather than challenge them. As a practitioner, I prioritize my own self-care and continued education, both through my own spiritual hygiene practices and through my studies with different spiritual teachers, so that I can best serve my clients and the community.

About Alexis

Alexis Douglas is a multifaceted woman who is driven by a profound desire to help others live the life of their dreams. She is a spiritual counselor, workshop facilitator, transformational speaker, astrologer, and oracle, drawing from a wealth of knowledge and experience to guide individuals towards self-discovery and transformation. She has served on panels with leading trauma experts such as Bessel Van Der Kolk and has given talks for many organizations including  Wayne State University and Renaissance Unity Spiritual Center.


Alexis' spiritual journey began with a life-changing spiritual awakening experience which sparked her exploration of various spiritual practices and traditions. As a lifelong learner, she has dedicated herself to helping others awaken to their true potential and discover their path in life.


Beyond her spiritual work, Alexis is an accomplished activist, community organizer, teacher, and transformational speaker. She is deeply committed to restoring love to those who have been oppressed and uses her personal experiences with trauma and adversity to empower others to heal and overcome to lead a life full of meaning and purpose. 


As an expression of her mission, Alexis spent three years as an adult literacy instructor and helped to develop the program’s curriculum. Since 2017, she has co-facilitated weekend 18-hour workshops with the Alternatives to Violence Project for incarcerated citizens, where she teaches active listening, self-reflection and awareness, communication, cooperation, community building, and affirmation skills. In recognition of her work with the Alternatives to Violence Project, Alexis was named as 2020 Peace Fellow.


Alexis is also the founder and executive director of R&R Village, a 501c3 organization that specializes in programming that helps Black and American Descendants of Slavery,ADOS, liberate themselves from the impact of systemic racism. Alexis facilitates retreats that empower participants to liberate themselves. Her holistic approach to healing includes practices such as ancestor veneration, ritual, self-awareness, and the help of a spiritual advisor.  Her own healing journey helped her to understand how much of her personal story had been impacted by systemic oppression and was the inspiration to create R&R Village. She firmly believes that individual healing is not complete without community healing. Her dedication to service and community advocacy is unwavering.


Alexis is a proud graduate of Central Michigan University, where she received her Bachelor’s degree in integrated leadership.  She is available for booking as an event moderator and conversation facilitator. When she is not working, Alexis enjoys painting and completing the many DIY projects she loves to start.

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