Clients who have experienced transformations!

1:1 Allyship Coaching

"Are you a white ally looking for a wise guide so that your intentions have the right impact? Ask Alexis, is amazing! In our first meeting, Alexis really grok'ed me. She has mighty spiritual and intuitive powers. She got to the core of issues, helped me to rewrite my social impact statement, called me on mistakes in a loving way. I am so grateful to have her join me on what will be a lifelong journey to be woke. Deep bows of gratitude for returning my mojo."

Kris S.

Personal Transformation Coaching

Halie J.

"I began working with Alexis a few months ago, and I've already made strides I never thought possible as far as working on my mind, body, and spirit. When we first started talking, I was in a constant state of turmoil and very unclear in my thinking-- and my life reflected it. I bent too easily to the opinions of other people, I had a lot of unresolved trauma left behind from familial issues and other things I couldn't control, and I couldn't make a decision without second guessing myself. I had very little confidence in myself and it showed. Being happy felt incredibly beyond reach.

Within our first few sessions, Alexis showed me how to make space for whatever I felt by just listening. She has since gone on to teach me how to fill myself with compassion and be less critical of myself and others. Whereas before, I walked around with a cloud of scattered and negative energy above my head, I now leap at the chance to make decisions for myself no matter how difficult. I know how to see myself happy and rejoice in it, as well as how to validate feelings of anger, shame, guilt.

Alexis offers a judgement-free space as well as the chance for deep analysis into yourself. While some sessions have been harder and more painful than others, all are worthwhile. She has shown me that there is immense power in being willing to do the work and set your ego aside to see yourself more clearly. But more importantly, I've been taught how to not give up. This work is hard, but with her help I have decided that living unconsciously is harder. "

Actively Authentic Allyship Course

"I am so blessed to have participated in the Ask Alexis Authentic Allyship course. From the first session, I knew this project would be special and be money well spent. The shared safe space provided by both Alexis and Tracy has allowed me and the other wonderful and deeply complex women in this cohort to explore and interrogate our own biases, our fears of messing up, and our white fragility and defensiveness. The lessons, practice sessions, discussions, and teaching methodology keep everything interesting throughout all three hours (wishing there were four!) and allow us to really integrate and use what we learn in our daily lives. I sincerely look forward to our weekly sessions and I cannot wait to sign up for Part II.


The Authentic Allyship program is unique. In addition to the usual education provided by other programs created to educate white women about their role in white supremacy, Authentic Allyship weaves together history, spirituality, and community in such as way that we white passing ladies are not only forced to reckon with historical atrocities and the lived trauma of others, but also that of ourselves. And I believe this inclusive approach to our present lays resilient foundations for our work towards an equitable and shared future."

Heather H.

Personal Transformation Coaching

"I look forward to my conversations with Alexis. The truths expressed are universal and profound and Alexis has the gift of making them appear so simple. She is selfless in her approach to humanity. She strives for awakening in each encounter and encourages others to experience the same level of trust in the universe. Her positivity and connection to life are contagious. When listening to Alexis, you realize that the ideas expressed are truths held dormant but awaiting a gentle voice for reawakening. Alexis calls on each one of us to challenge ourselves to bid away stubbornly held negative experiences. Her unwavering honesty and vulnerability permit her to embrace her gifts and understand her purpose; a purpose derived and strengthened in service to others." 


"Ask Alexis, you are truly appreciated and if anyone wants their relationship to succeed go see this amazing woman!"

Antonio D.

Personal Transformation Coaching

"As soon as I get everything settled with class I have quite the story to tell about a healing journey that I've been on with this amazing sister. She is loving and gentle, but drags my ass in the best way. If feels SO GOOD to have a coach and homework again." 

LaKesha P.

Actively Authentic Allyship Course

"We are in the middle of our sessions and I just wanted to say how much I really appreciate these sessions! I am learning a lot and have become far more aware of what the world must be like for a black person.  There is a lot of history that I was never taught and I feel like my eyes have been opened to the challenges a black person faces on a day to day basis that I've never had to deal with as a white person.  Alexis and Tracy have given us a lot of information to learn and tools to help us to grow to be able to become allies to the black community.  We are learning to stand with people of culture and to stand up with them for the rights that they so deserve."

Tammy J.

Personal Transformation Coaching

"I have been seeing Alexis for over a year now at least once a month. When I started seeing her I was in need of major guidance and help to let go of years of trauma and self-doubt. Not only has she helped me to let those things go, but she constantly gives me the tools to continue down a happier and healthier path. I am able to solve problems on my own, and recognize things in myself from the homework she gives me after each session.

Alexis encourages me with positivity, teaches me to not judge myself or others, and to do things out of the love I have for myself. I am in an immensely better space even in my darkest days because I know how to maneuver thanks to her. I recommend her to everyone and plan on seeing her monthly for as long as possible."

Chantel W.

Actively Authentic Allyship Course

"The Ask Alexis Authentic Allyship course became available at a perfect time in my life. I was ready to take a more active role as an anti-racist woman and move from being a sidelines supporter to behaving as a true ally for my BIPOC friends and acquaintances. The course is equipping and motivating me to do that effectively. Alexis and Tracy bring complementary skills and personalities to the sessions and weave them together well. Alexis has lived the life of a black women in America. Hearing her stories and feelings has increased my understanding and empathy. She uses her coaching skills to encourage each of us in our allyship development journey. Tracy’s background in counseling, change management and training contributes effective structure, balance, sensitivity and consistency to each session and the overall course. Both are spiritually grounded which is important to me as a practicing Quaker. Some of the things I especially appreciate:


  • The course balances intra-personal, interpersonal, and societal viewpoints.

  • The shared experiences of the cohort enhance the learning experience.

  • The materials provided are wide-ranging, effective, and include the most current thinkers and writers on these topics.

  • We’ve had the opportunity to explore a real-life allyship challenge as it is evolving. "     

Kathy O.