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"We all bring our own experience into the work of allyship and racial justice, how do you think your experience and skills will be a plus in allyship?"

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Transformational Course Information

Would you like to be part of a 12- week transformational ally/co-conspirator course that will support through:

  1. ​The changing dynamics of interpersonal relationships and feeling like you need to “pick a side”

  2. Feeling irritated or emotional in response to issue around race

  3. Transforming awkwardness into clarity around how to respond to difficult conversations

  4. Avoiding or addressing microaggressions or spiritual/racial bypass 

In this program, you will understand the nuances of microaggression and what they actually are, how to avoid them.  You will also learn tools to be able to step in or speak up on behalf of a BIPOC member of your community!  Part of the work will involve how to continue the work of unlearning bias in your own mind.  When you ASK ALEXIS, you will receive coaching on how to disrupt your internal narratives, with courage, candor and compassion. 


In this community, you will be able to integrate your understanding with practice and role play and receive on the spot coaching. 


At the end of the 12 weeks you will have:

  1. Increased confidence when having awkward conversations about race

  2. Increased your ability to be authentic even when uncomfortable in heated conversations about race

  3. A beginners understanding of your own heritage and a practice for healing and venerating your ancestors

  4. Listening techniques that foster more connected relationships in many areas of your life

  5. Helpful techniques to emotionally self-regulate when being accused or called a racist

  6. Increased ability to go into your feelings rather than running away from them

  7. Increased ability to walk in Active AuthenticityⓇ

  8. A community of co-conspirator/allies to practice and go on the journey of anti-racism with 

  9. A unique opportunity to sponsor healing community work and have a meaningful impact  (see below)

***Sponsorship and Impact Statement***


The cost of the program includes your sponsorship of intimate socially distanced healing circles in the city of Detroit for Black women. 


Your participation in this program allows me to provide this healing community work at an affordable rate relative to the $26,249 median income of the city's residents.  


In these workshops they will learn how systemic oppression plays out in their personal trauma stories,  communication skills for relationship building, how to budget on a shoestring income, and how to reclaim their bodies through better sex!  The program is strictly for Black and Brown women.